Intervention-Constrained & Subsea Applications

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Technologies that address high intervention costs

Implement reliable, low-risk subsea lift systems with an industry leader you can trust. Schlumberger helped develop the first and largest subsea ESP field in the South China Sea, and the first ESP installation in the ultradeep water offshore Brazil. Rigless retrieval and deployment minimizes intervention costs.

Subsea ESPs Restart After Year-Long Shutdown

More than 20 ESPs successfully restarted after typhoon shut down production in South China Sea, saving the client more than USD 500 million in workover costs. Read case study


MaxFORTE High-Reliability ESP System

Outrun conventional offshore ESPs with one system for thermal, deepwater, and hostile environments. Designed to address the needs of remote, difficult-to-access locations, MaxFORTE high-reliability ESP system provides adaptability, consistency, and reliability in unpredictable situations.

ZEiTECS Shuttle Rigless ESP Replacement System

Save time in high-cost operating environments with rigless retrieval and redeployment of any standard ESP assembly, using wireline, coiled tubing (CT), or sucker rods. Reduce operating cost and HSE risk, minimize deferred production, facilitate planned ESP maintenance, and adapt to changing conditions with the ZEiTECS Shuttle system.

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Integrated Lifting Solutions for Subsea ESP Systems

Subsea Lift
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Inwell and Caisson Subsea Lifting Systems

Inwell and caisson lifting systems
With two decades of subsea experience and worldwide firsts, Schlumberger plays a leading role in integrated lifting solutions. Read Subsea Lift brochure