Unconventional Applications

Address rapid flow decline, high GOR, and abrasive solids

Meet the challenge of declining conventional resources with new technologies. Production from unconventional reservoirs is now possible using the right tools and expertise.

REDA Continuum Unconventional Extended-Life ESP stage

Improve recovery and reliability at low flow rates and in gassy and abrasive environments with the REDA Continuum stage—a mixed-flow stage engineered for unconventional flow behavior and challenging environments.

MGH Multiphase Gas-Handling System

The MGH multiphase gas-handling system is designed for the high-GOR, high-gas environments frequently encountered in unconventional fields.

Gas Lift System

Enhance production in high-angle, low-productivity, and high-GOR wells. Gas lift valves are offset from the tubing centerline, which protects them from abrasive solids and makes them suitable for hydraulically fractured wells and unconsolidated formations that produce sand.

Instruct All-in-One Acquisition and Control Unit

The Instruct unit provides centralized data acquisition and storage for optimization, engineering analysis, and troubleshooting, eliminating multiple surface components. It incorporates a gas mode designed to manage the high levels of gas slugging common in unconventional wells.

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