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Comprehensive design of ESP and gas lift systems

The user-friendly DesignRite software simplifies the design process of ESP and gas lift systems, providing users with a step-by-step workflow to help determine and select the optimal solution for individual wells.

Design modes for ESPs and gas lift systems

The ESP design mode incorporates methods and equipment for low-GOR, high-GOR, and very-high-water-cut applications. The gas lift design mode helps engineers control the design of multiple types of gas lift systems, including injection-pressure-operated (IPO) and production-pressure-operated (PPO) valves. Both modes include a database of the latest lift technology and equipment for users to select.

Intuitive workflow and accurate performance prediction

Analyzing the performance of selected components is crucial to designing an efficient lift system. The sophisticated workflows of the DesignRite software size and analyze entire ESP or gas lift systems and use the input fluid, well, and reservoir information to accurately predict the inflow and outflow performance of the systems. Several sets of performance plots are provided to help determine the best-suited system to maximize production and minimize downtime.

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Design and Optimize ESP and Gas Lift Systems

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The DesignRite software guides users through an intuitive workflow to select each well system component and determine the optimum ESP or gas lift system for individual wells.
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Fast, Easy Analysis of ESPs and Gas Lift Systems

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