Select your optimal artificial lift system

LiftSelect strategic production planning service determines the best artificial lift technology to achieve your goals based on an objective analysis of economic and technical criteria.

Our simple configurator tool takes a first pass at best match options for your project based on a few data points. To refine your options and determine your ideal artificial lift system fill out the form on the results page, which connects you with LiftSelect service experts—so you can start reaping the rewards of a comprehensive production plan for your unique operation.

Qualification Criteria

Please select the location and resources that apply to your project by clicking on the plus symbol.

Offshore Well

This is for an offshore well.

High-pressure Gas Source

Gas source and compressor to pressurize the gas is available.

Electrical Power Source

High voltage electrical power from grid or generators.

Gas Engine

Gas engine available to provide power for equipment.

Power Fluid

Used for Jet Pump applications.

Wellbore Conditions

Fill in each field with your project’s specifications. You can also toggle between US standard and metric units.


It may take a minute to find you the optimal artificial lift system.

We found # optionoptions including # best matchmatches for your project. Further analysis required to determine the best match

Based on a quick review of your project constraints, these artificial lift systems could work for you. A more thorough analysis can help you narrow the choices — or might reveal an even better option.

For a complete analysis of your optimal artificial lift technology, connect with our LiftSelect service team by filling out the form below. LiftSelect service simplifies the process of selecting the artificial lift strategy that will best achieve your technical, operational, and economic goals. The service uses available field and reservoir data to model well behavior and maximize asset value by reducing the cost per barrel of hydrocarbon production.

The complex criteria and conditions of your well require more thorough analysis. To determine the best technology for your well connect with one of our LIftSelect specialists by filling out the form to the right/below. We look forward to hearing from you and finding the best artificial lift technology for your well.

  • The LiftSelect service configurator tool is not a substitute for speaking to a Schlumberger specialist for planning the best match for your well conditions. There are many considerations when preparing a proper well plan and this configurator tool does not address all of them. Connect with a Schlumberger representative to find the best artificial lift technology and configuration for your operation.