Gas Lift

Our gas lift products give you the quality and the flexibility you need. Slickline retrievable gas-lift valves can be pulled and replaced without disturbing tubing if designs or system performance must be changed. Gas-lift installations manage abrasive materials, such as sand, and can be used in low-productivity, high gas/oil ratio wells, or deviated wellbores.

New gas lift systems are pressure barrier qualified and rated to a higher pressure to provide reliable performance in deepwater and subsea wells. The higher pressure rating and pressure barrier features mean deeper depths of gas injection and enhanced wellbore integrity.

High-Pressure and Barrier Series Gas Lift Systems

Side Pocket Mandrels

Retrievable Gas Lift Valves

Conventional Gas Lift Systems

Perforated-Zone Gas Lift System

Surface Flow Control Valves

DesignRite Artificial Lift Design and Optimization Software

Simplify the design process of ESP and gas lift systems with intuitive, user-friendly workflows.

PIPESIM Well Performance Modeling

​Software for determining the most suitable artificial lift method and then examining and optimizing a detailed gas lift, rod pump, or ESP design.

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Solutions for Every Artificial Lift Problem

Artificial Lift Catalog
The 2017 Artificial Lift Solutions Catalog is a comprehensive guide to our full range of downhole and surface equipment, software, and services that help you maximize your well performance.
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Increasing the Range of Options for Artificial Lift

Article on Schlumberger artificial lift offerings
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