Conventional Gas Lift Systems

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Camco gas lift systems are some of the industry's most widely recognized, time-tested products and include injection-pressure-operated and production-pressure-operated models. We also have conventional waterflood flow regulator valves and mandrels for single- and dual-string installations.

All of these valves are manufactured to strict industry standards and have a variety of port sizes, offering a range of selected gas injection volumes and flow rates. Most have floating valve seats that let you change the choke size in a stock valve. This also simplifies valve repair and improves sealing capability compared with conventional seat arrangements.

The Camco series of conventional tubing-retrievable gas lift valves uses reverse-flow check valves to prevent reverse flow and the commingling of production fluids in gas lift installations.

The valves are constructed from stainless steel, Monel, or other premium materials and provide for low-cost redress and repair. They have a spring-energized or nitrogen-charged bellows with necessary force to hold the valves in a normally closed position. The injection gas or the production pressure entering these valves has the necessary opening force to overcome the precharged nitrogen in the bellows or the preset spring force.

Both injection-pressure-operated and production-pressure-operated valves are available for either tubing or annular flow, depending on the design of the conventional mandrel.

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