PerfLift Perforated-Zone Gas Lift System

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The unconventional PerfLift perforated-zone gas lift system is a field-proven technology that enables injected gas across long-perforated intervals and unloads wells that have liquid-loading problems. This system is a cost-effective solution to low-flow-rate gas-lifted oil wells and lower-flow-rate liquid-loaded gas wells. The PerfLift system incorporates field-proven Camco gas lift systems that enable gas lift injection points below the production packer.


  • Simple system for low-rate oil wells and gas wells with liquid-loading problems
  • Innovative completion design
  • Field-proven Camco gas lift technology
  • Reliable ported or dual-bore production packer
  • Real-time downhole monitoring with Phoenix Select gauge
  • Cost-effective solution for gas-well deliquifying

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PerfLift System

Perforated-zone gas lift system
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