High-Pressure and Barrier Series Gas Lift Systems

The Schlumberger Barrier Series gas lift valves extend the capabilities of field-proven Camco gas lift technology. Operators can now complete gas lift wells with a selection of 1 1/2-in and 1 3/4-in injection-pressure-operated (IPO) valves and orifice valves for multiple barrier valve options.

The positive-sealing check valves are qualified to meet API-19G1 and G2 industry standards and pressure barrier qualifications. With a test pressure rating of 10,000 psi [68,947 kPa], they form a metal-to-metal barrier between the tubing and casing annulus that prevents undesired communication or reverse flow and mitigates the risks associated with typical gas lift valve check systems.

XLift high-pressure gas lift system valves

XLift high-pressure gas lift system valves are designed for deepwater or subsea gas lift wells. These valves operate with higher injection pressures and deeper injection points to improve well performance. Multiple models of the XLift system valve and traditional orifice valves facilitate continuous-flow gas lift operations. The 1 3/4-in XLift system IPO gas lift valve and the standard R-20-02 IPO valve enable well unloading.

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Reliable HP Gas Lift Systems

Barrier Series Systems
Lower costs and downtime by improving wellbore pressure integrity.
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