NOVA Orifice Venturi Valves

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NOVA gas lift valves stabilize tubing pressure from unstable producing wells. The system induces maximum gas passage with minimal differential across the valve while maintaining a constant gas injection rate. This field-proven system increases production in unstable gas lift wells by ensuring that single point gas injection critical flow rates are maintained at the deepest point of injection.

Improve control of gas lift fields

NOVA valves have computerized dynamic flow optimization schemes. With constant and stable gas injection rates and accurate gas measurement, you can include more wells in your lift gas allocation and optimization plans.

Eliminate tubing pressure effects

Critical flow through the valve is achieved with as little as a 10% pressure drop or less. The NOVA gas lift valve has an orifice venturi, along with a check valve, for continuous flow operations. Injection fluid or gas enters through the entry ports and flows through an orifice. Injection pressure moves the check valve off seat, allowing gas or fluids to enter the tubing. The check valve is pushed closed by reverse flow.

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Chart showing flow rate vs pressure with NOVA Orifice Venturi gas lift valves and conventional valves.
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