Surface Flow Control Valves

With recognized leadership in flow control equipment, Cameron provides choke valves with enhanced performance and precise flow control for gas lift systems. Cameron sized and specified its chokes for accurate controllability with a total flow capacity that aligns with the well operating parameters. For maximum versatility, these chokes are available with a broad selection of fully interchangeable trims, to provide a variety of capacities and flow characteristics.

Automation and control are increasingly common features of gas lift systems. Cameron chokes are available as manually operated or electrically actuated valves, with further actuation options also available. Control may be achieved using conventional 4- to 20-mA analogue signals or a variety of digital control systems and protocols.

Although chokes are traditionally angled valves, Cameron chokes can be supplied with an axial (inline) body configuration.

Cameron chokes are available in a full range of pressure ratings, can adhere to the most stringent specification levels and materials requirements, and comply with all relevant industry standards. They come with an assurance of quality and durability for a long and reliable service life and are backed by a global spares and maintenance support network.

Multiple orifice valve (MOV) choke

A rotary-disc-type choke, the MOV is a simple and effective solution in angled or axial body configurations. MOVs are commonly supplied as manually operated or electrically actuated chokes. The trim comprises a pair of circular discs, each containing two ports of various sizes and designs. MOVs are also available with a positive-bean, fixed-orifice-type trim if required.

Cameron multitrim chokes

These chokes expand innovation and versatility for gas lift applications. Trim options include needle and seat, external floating sleeve (FS), and positive-bean, fixed-orifice. The FS trim, a cage-type design, offers precise flow control with fine resolution. By accurately controlling the level of gas injection, this translates to superior performance and efficiency in the gas lift process, leading to optimized production from the well. Cameron multitrim chokes are available in various forms of actuation and a full range of configurations and specifications in line with the overall system requirements.

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