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Cost-effective artificial lift method handles viscous fluids, high sand cut, and free gas

The KUDU progressing cavity pump is a positive displacement pump with a single helical rotor that rotates inside a double internal helical elastomer-lined stator. The stator is run into the well on the end of the production tubing while the rotor is connected to a rodstring. The PCP lifts fluid by transferring it from the intake at the bottom of the pump to the discharge at the top through a sequence of small, discrete cavities that form as the rotor turns eccentrically within the stator.

The PCP delivers a constant flow, proportional to the size of the cavity and the rotational speed of the rotor. A hydraulic or electric drive system at the surface rotates the rodstring, which causes the rotor to spin within the fixed stator, resulting in fluid production at surface.

Proprietary elastomers provide significant improvements in bond strength, tear strength, abrasion resistance, gas and water resistance, and temperature ratings. Various options are available in addition to the standard KUDU PCP to expand the range of applications. 

KUDU All-Metal PCP

KUDU Rodless PCP

KUDU Tough Coat

EVEN WALL Uniform-Elastomer PCP

KUDU PCP Manager Well Optimization Unit

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Top 10 Must-Knows About Progressing Cavity Pumps

Top 10 Must-Knows About Progressing Cavity Pumps
Want to reduce your operating expenses and increase production efficiency? Progressing cavity pumps (PCPs) might be the right option for you. Download Top 10 List (0.27 MB PDF)

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