KUDU All-Metal Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP)

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Abrasion-resistant pump suitable for thermal oil recovery

The KUDU all-metal progressing cavity pump consists of a metal stator and matching motor. With special metallurgy to resist wear and maximize run life, the pump is rated for temperatures up to 660 degF [350 degC], functions in low and high viscosities, and handles most solvents or chemicals. It is suitable for oil recovery methods such as steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD), cyclic steam stimulation (CSS), steam drive, solvent, electric heating, and infill wells.

For production of highly viscous crude oil at elevated temperatures, the pump’s thermal package consists of the following:

  • all-metal PCP
  • KUDU drivehead (60–200 hp available)
  • KUDU HT Oryx seal
  • KUDU variable frequency drive
  • optional 2-in segmented polished rod for unobstructed steaming through the pump without removal of the rodstring.

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Rated for Temperatures Up to 660 degF

KUDU all-metal PCP
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