KUDU PCP Manager Well Optimization Unit

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Automation solution provides control and visibility of the PCP system in the well

The KUDU PCP Manager well optimization unit is a stand-alone controller that can be used with hydraulic progressing cavity pump (PCP) power units or a variable frequency drive (VFD). It monitors and analyzes critical data, enhancing understanding of the pumping system and improving efficiency. The unit maximizes production by improving uptime through pump protection settings,
monitoring devices, and proprietary algorithms.

Five operational modes are available to meet production requirements:

  • speed control
  • production optimization
  • target production
  • bottomhole pressure
  • dynamic liquid level.

Control features usually slow or shut down the pump when one or more set point limits are exceeded. In some cases, they run specialty routines to minimize downtime or regain operation.

To maximize functionality, the unit is recommended for use with a KUDU VFD. It is also available as part of an integrated KUDU Advanced VFD package.

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Stand-Alone Controller for VFDs and Hydraulic PCP Power Units

KUDU PCP Manager well optimization unit
KUDU PCP Manager well optimization unit mounted on a variable frequency drive (VFD). Download product sheet (0.19 MB PDF)