KUDU Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

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A range of options for progressing cavity pumps (PCPs)

The high-performance KUDU variable frequency drive for progressing cavity pumps enables sophisticated motor control with speed and torque accuracy, low harmonics, and smooth speed ramping, thereby maximizing motor performance. The system enhances safety through controlled stopping and braking, limiting of maximum speed, and direction management.

KUDU Advanced VFDs combine the standard KUDU VFD with an advanced controller and upgraded user interface to help operators manage well performance. A full-color touchscreen with an intuitive interface facilitates configuration and well supervision. The VFD can also be configured to enable remote administration by a SCADA system.

The KUDU Advanced VFD is easily upgraded to include the KUDU PCP Manager well optimization unit’s functionality, resulting in a top-of-the-line well management system. Five production control modes provide the highest level of PCP control, optimization, protection, and monitoring.

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Maximum PCP Control and Optimization

KUDU variable frequency drives (VFDs)
Upgrading the KUDU Advanced VFD with the KUDU PCP Manager well optimization unit's functionality results in an advanced well management system that protects equipment, increases efficiency, and optimizes production. Download product sheet (0.43 MB PDF)