Downhole Ancillary Equipment for KUDU Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCPs)

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Improve PCP run life and enhance well performance

Various downhole equipment options enhance progressing cavity pump performance.

Top Tag accurate rotor placement device

This patented rotor tagging solution for PCPs enables operators to locate the rotor inside the stator without using a tag sub. The paddled rotor extension directly agitates the fluid in the casing and is not limited to fluid entering the tag sub.

An exposed rotor increases wellbore agitation and gas breakout, enabling better mixing of sand and oil and reducing pump burnout due to a plugged pump intake, especially in high-viscosity and high-sand-cut wells. Because the rotor is never run in compression on the tag sub, the Top Tag device also reduces rotor breakage.

Cam-Loc PCP anchor

Patented KUDU Cam-Loc PCP anchors combine the proven locking action of a cam with a slip-activating mechanism. Separate slip and drag blocks eliminate premature slip wear during installations. A spring retracts the slips into the body while running in the hole. The drag blocks centralize the tool and provide the frictional interference to deploy the slips when torque is applied.

As torque is applied, the cam profile moves underneath the slips and forces them outward into contact with the casing ID. Large, vertical teeth securely grip the casing, preventing clockwise rotation while still enabling vertical movement as the tubing expands or contracts.

Sucker rod centralizers

KUDU sucker rod centralizers eliminate rod coupling wear and feature a nonrotating sleeve design that is tapered for rod tripping. The centralizers reduce torque in deviated wells and lower workover frequency by reducing or eliminating rotational rubbing and rod wear. We also recommend their use in vertical wells to prevent transmission of the

  • eccentric motion of the rotor to the rodstring
  • wobble in the rodstring to the polished rod.

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Top Tag Accurate Rotor Placement Device

Top Tag accurate rotor placement device
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Cam-Loc PCP Anchor

KUDU Cam-Loc PCP anchor
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KUDU Sucker Rod Centralizers

KUDU sucker rod centralizer
Nonrotating sleeve design to eliminate rod coupling wear. Download product sheet (0.44 MB PDF)