Surface Equipment for KUDU Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCPs)

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Comprehensive range with multiple options

An extensive range of electric and hydraulic power units and driveheads helps you derive maximum benefit from your KUDU progressing cavity pump.

Power units

KUDU electric and hydraulic power units include open skid and walk-in enclosures for individual or multiple well production. The units can be specified to use diesel, propane, or natural gas to generate electricity or to provide hydraulic fluid power for PCPs. Improved fluid containment protects against environmental damage, while an optional sound attenuation package reduces noise.

The unique airflow design of the enclosed unit circulates clean, filtered air to eliminate overheating and costly shutdowns. The computerized climate control system monitors the enclosure to maintain an optimal temperature range, even in severely cold conditions.


KUDU hydraulic or electric driveheads are specifically designed for PCP installations in heavy to light oil, gas dewatering, and thermal operations. The drivehead is either a vertical shaft, bearing box type, or right-angle drive gearbox type. Ranging up to 200 hp, these driveheads are proven performers and meet critical safety and environmental standards.

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KUDU Power Units

Enclosed KUDU power unit for PCPs
KUDU power units are electrically or hydraulically powered and include open skid and walk-in enclosures; the enclosed design enhances reliability and durability in harsh environments. Download product sheet (0.21 MB PDF)

KUDU Driveheads

KUDU drivehead for PCPs
Hydraulic or electric driveheads support the axial rodstring load while allowing the rodstring to rotate. Download product sheet (0.33 MB PDF)