Y-Tool & Bypass System

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Date Title Challenge Products Publication
Jun 2011 Water Source Identified in Heavy Oil Wells Carbonates, Heavy Oil Electric Submersible Pumps, Y-tool and bypass system, PS Platform, REDA Maximus Oil Review Middle East
May 2011 What’s New in Artificial Lift Real-Time Operations LiftWatcher, dualesp, Y-tool and bypass system, Lift IQ, ESP pod systems, DesignRite, D1050N, REDA Maximus, PCL World Oil
Oct 2007 Dual Esp Completions Solve West Africa Deferred Production dualesp, Y-tool and bypass system, REDA Maximus, Lift IQ, Phoenix xt150 Offshore
May 2005 BP Installs First Dual ESP System at Wytch Farm REDA, Y-tool and bypass system, dualesp, REDA Maximus, Phoenix xt150 World Oil