High-Efficiency ESP Motors

Schlumberger high-efficiency electric submersible pump (ESP) motors are designed for reliable operation in the extreme environments common in oilwell applications.

REDA Maximus ESP Motors

Models are plug-and-play systems that incorporate the motor, protector, and gauge in one system. The plug-and-play components are serviced at the product or service center, ready to install, and simply connected with no oil servicing at the wellsite. The multifunctional ProMotor integrated ESP motor, protector, and sensor for the REDA Maximus ESP system combines the motor, protector, and downhole sensor (optional) in a single unit, eliminating the field procedures required to connect the motor to the protector and to the downhole sensor, which saves valuable rig time.

Dominator ESP Motors

The series 375, 456, 562, and 738 ESP motors feature a comprehensive rotor and stator design that delivers the best performance available for wells with 4 1/2-in and larger casing. Comparative testing and actual field performance have proven the Dominator motors to be the most rugged and efficient ESP motors available.


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Comprehensive Design Delivers Efficient Field Performance

Dominator ESP motor
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