MaxFORTE High-Reliability ESP System

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Setting the new standard for extended ESP run life

Because any intervention in an offshore or remote land well comes at a high cost—especially from the major economic impact of interrupted production—the MaxFORTE high-reliability ESP system is designed for extended run life. Built, tested, and installed by the most highly skilled and experienced people in the industry, the MaxFORTE system is the most reliable ESP to date.

Continuous, 24/7 monitoring to enable quick response

The MaxFORTE system captures changes in well performance faster than was possible with previous telemetry, enabling critical updates to be made quickly. A dedicated team monitors each MaxFORTE system around the clock to alert operators if anomalies occur so that prompt remedial action can be taken to extend the life and reliability of the ESP system and maintain production.

Streamlined installation and reliable operation in difficult-to-access wells

The MaxFORTE ESP system brings high reliability to even the most remote or hostile conditions, outperforming conventional pumps in all aspects. This consistently high-level performance results from the integration of extreme-temperature materials, extensively qualified components from our proven subsea ESP systems, and robust plug-and-play technology from our industry-leading REDA Maximus ESP system for streamlined installation.

Tailored to the well to meet production challenges

Every MaxFORTE ESP system is precisely tailored to the well it will service. A dedicated team of experts in our specialized engineered solutions group evaluates each well’s data to design a custom system through an extensive peer review. The result is a MaxFORTE ESP system optimized for well performance, extended run life, and maximized ROI.

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