Permanent Magnet Motor

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Reduces power costs

The permanent magnet motor (PMM) has a higher energy efficiency compared with a conventional AC inductive motor, which saves you money on power consumption. It a has higher power concentration per meter of length, which makes it shorter and lighter than conventional ESP motors while still delivering the same level of power.

Improves ESP performance

The wide load and frequency range of the PMM makes it ideal for your low-flow and deviated wells, improving performance compared with an inductive motor. It reduces losses in the core through synchronous operation, which reduces heating and helps expand the operating envelope to accommodate all the variations your well may deliver.

Enables stable ESP operation

In rapidly changing environments, higher torque capabilities stabilize your ESP operations through varying solids or water production. When operating in underloaded conditions, the PMM’s wide operating range improves efficiency, which translates directly to savings on power consumption.

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Permanent Magnet Motor Saves Cepsa 21% on Power Requirements

Permanent Magnet Motor Saves Cepsa 21% on Power Requirements for ESP-Lifted Well
Efficient motor significantly reduces surface electrical power cost in a field where some wells rely on diesel generators. Read case study