REDA Hotline XTend Extended-Capability High-Temperature ESP System

Reengineered for higher temperatures, longer run life

The new REDA Hotline XTend extended-capability high-temperature (HT) ESP system—our third-generation Hotline system—has been reengineered for higher temperatures, longer run life, and increased reliability. Its field-proven design incorporates knowledge and experience gained from earlier Hotline systems. Integrated monitoring features, including a motor internal temperature transducer and fluid pressure and temperature gauges, extend ESP operating envelope and run life by improving control and efficiency. In place with multiple operators in Canada and the Middle East, the Hotline XTend system is best fit for oil thermal recovery applications and abrasive environments with poor cooling characteristics.

Ratings for the temperature gauges are as follows:

  • Downhole fluid gauge is rated 250 degC [482 degF].
  • Motor internal temperature gauge is rated 300 degC [572 degF].

Faster installation and increased reliability with new system design

Salient features include

  • single, integrated, prefilled, and sealed motor
  • redundant seals
  • plug-in pothead
  • thermally compensated compression pumps and gas-handling devices.

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Reliability in Steam Flooding and SAGD Applications

REDA Hotline XTend System
Hundreds of REDA Hotline XTend systems have been installed between Canada and Oman.
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