REDA Coil CT-Deployed ESP System

Rigless deployment for faster time to production

The REDA Coil coiled tubing (CT)-deployed ESP system allows an ESP to be deployed using standard coiled tubing, eliminating the need for a workover rig and surface equipment. This simplified deployment method is especially beneficial in offshore and deepwater applications, where moving a rig onsite increases costs and delays production.

Inverted string simplifies deployment

The REDA Coil ESP system consists of a length of coiled tubing with a preinstalled ESP power cable. An inverted system positions the motor at the top and the pump at the bottom. At the surface the coiled tubing is made up to a coiled tubing hanger that is landed in the wellhead. This configuration enables the ESP to be run and retrieved without removal of the Christmas tree or flowlines—and without a rig. The ESP cable is terminated to a wellhead penetrator for connection to a surface cable.

Optional production paths extend capabilities

In the REDA Coil ESP system, fluid flows through the large annulus either between the coiled tubing and permanent production string into which the ESP is deployed or—when no permanent production string is required by the operator—between the coiled tubing and casing.

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Minimize Production Delays by Eliminating the Need for Rig and Surface Equipment

REDA Coil CT-Deployed ESP System
The REDA Coil ESP system coiled tubing configuration simplifies ESP change-outs, allowing the ESP string to be deployed and recovered without the need to pull the production tubing.
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