Surface Equipment Controllers

Wellsite protection, control, and data acquisition to help maintain well integrity

Onsite ESP site controllers combine all wellsite control, surface, and downhole data acquisition functions into one single interface, eliminating the need for multiple surface components. The modular controllers can monitor multiple well and operating data points, including electrical system data, information from external analog or digital devices, data measured by the downhole monitoring system, and remote commands.

The Instruct all-in-one acquisition and control unit is a single platform for protection, control, and data acquisition for variable speed drives (VSDs) and downhole gauges. The UniConn universal site controller is most commonly used for switchboards and fixed-speed motor controlling and data acquisition.

Using plain-language, multilingual programming, users can set alarm and trip settings, locally or remotely, for quick troubleshooting of ESP systems. With ultimate control and effective data management, the controllers help maintain wellsite integrity.

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Instruct Acquisition and Control Unit Provides Remote Access to Multiple Systems

Instruct All-In-One Acquisition and Control Unit
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