Low-Voltage Variable Speed Drives

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SpeedStar 519 SWD 18-pulse, low-voltage sine wave variable speed drive (VSD)

The sine wave VSD package is designed to mitigate supply power harmonic current and voltage distortion and to provide clean power to the downstream device. On the basis of standard harmonic guidelines, these VSDs achieve 18-pulse harmonic cancellations by using a patented phase-shifting integral autotransformer. This design is significantly more efficient than a typical low-voltage drive system that uses an external isolation phase-shifting transformer, further reducing operational costs.

SpeedStar 2000 Plus and SpeedStar SWD VSDs

The SpeedStar 2000 Plus VSD is used typically with surface pumping systems and the SpeedStar SWD VSD, which has an integral output sine wave filter, is used typically with ESPs. The output voltage wave form is similar to that of a true sine wave and thus results in less voltage stress and a longer life for the motor, cable, and other electrical components.

VariStar 2000 Plus and SWD Drives

This basic variable speed drive package also uses the integral output sine wave filter, typical for controlling and protecting ESPs.

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Optimize Pump Performance

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SpeedStar SWD Drive Improves Production, Efficiency

Addax Petroleum Well Improves Production 22% with SpeedStar SWD Drive, Cameroon
Sine wave drive technology increases production by 20% and reduces ESP vibration stress, enables operating frequency increase, and improves power efficiency. Download tech report (0.38 MB PDF)