Rod Lift Engineering & Automation

Optimization services for rod-assisted, artificially lifted oil and gas wells

Our engineering and optimization services are tailored for each well, taking into consideration unique field requirements. Experience in all the major US and international oil and gas fields enables us to understand a variety of operating environments and how best to optimize artificial lift wells for any condition.

The new Schlumberger team includes industry-recognized experts, whose specialties range from metallurgy and predictive design to individual artificial lift components and complete systems. We provide solutions that are customized to help you improve production and decrease downtime. 

Total System Solutions

We examine existing or new rod lift and PCP designs to determine their effectiveness and provide the best design for longer life in both vertical and deviated wells.


Surface Solutions

Our surface solutions provide the correct configuration of surface components—including pumping units, prime movers, PCP drive units, and wellhead components—to get your well online and producing.

Downhole Solutions

Schlumberger can recommend, design, and provide a high-quality downhole system for both reciprocating and progressing cavity pump (PCP) wells.

Engineering Design Packages

Our team creates customized design packages for sucker rod lift installations, using the latest commercially available software technology.

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Education and Training for Superior Performance

Rod lift training
Reduce risk, extend equipment life, increase production, and maximize the potential of your team through a range of training programs tailored to your specific requirements.
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