Advanced monitoring and control of rod pumping units

Advances across a wide range of automation technologies and sophisticated modeling capabilities are bringing significant value to rod pump systems.

Rod Pump Controller (RPC)

The RPC uses sophisticated modeling and control software and a powerful digital signal processor to provide economical pumpoff control of sucker rod pumping systems.

UniStar Downhole Protection VSD System

The UniStar system uses sophisticated modeling in its controller to increase well uptime and reduce well operational and equipment maintenance costs.

Variable speed drives (VSDs)

A range of VSDs are available to maintain optimal production while mitigating the risk of operational damage to mechanical equipment. We examine the entire system to provide the best VSD or variable frequency drive (VFD) for your well conditions, taking into consideration variations over time.

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Enhancing Performance Through Automated Control

Sucker rod pump automation
Automation technologies and sophisticated modeling and control capabilities increase well uptime and reduce costs.