Surface Solutions

Surface equipment optimization for your artificial lift system

The rod lift team can design, recommend, and provide the correct configuration of surface components—including pumping units, prime movers, PCP drive units, and wellhead components—to get your well online and producing.

Pumping units and prime movers

Artificial lift experts use proprietary software to predict the loadings for each well design, making sure the gearbox and structure are within the specifications determined by the manufacturer of the unit and balanced to that pumping unit’s optimal running conditions. We can also size and recommend an electric or gas engine to drive the pumping unit and optimize energy consumption.

PCP drive units

Using specialized software, we can design the best drive head for your PCP and well conditions. These gear-driven power units rotate the rod string, which rotates the PCP rotor inside the stator at the bottom of the well.

Wellhead components

Experts help you select from the many sizes, pressure ratings, metallurgic configurations, and elastomer choices for components such as the tubing head, stuffing box, blowout preventer, ball valves, back pressure regulators, chokes, polished rod lubricator, polished rod, polished rod liner, polished rod clamps, and rod rotators.

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Education and Training for Superior Performance

Rod lift training
Reduce risk, extend equipment life, increase production, and maximize the potential of your team through a range of training programs tailored to your specific requirements.
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