Total System Solutions

Optimize your entire artificial lift system

Our total system solutions examine existing or new well designs to determine their effectiveness and provide the best rod lift system design for longer life in both vertical and deviated wells.

Pumping units and prime movers

We use proprietary software to predict the loadings for each well design, making sure the gearbox and structure are within the specifications determined by the manufacturer of the unit and balanced to that pumping unit’s optimal running conditions. We can also size and recommend an electric or gas engine to drive the pumping unit and optimize energy consumption.

Sucker rods

These key components of the artificial lift system connect the pumping unit or drive head on the surface to the downhole pump at the bottom of the well. Special software enables us to predict the loadings for each taper in the rod string, allowing us to examine the maximum and minimum loads at the pumping unit, as well as at the different tapers where the rod diameters change.

Downhole pumps

This final component of the artificial lift system connects at the bottom of the well to the sucker rods. Besides the many different styles of API downhole pumps, there are also specialty pumps for severe applications such as sand, gas interference, and heavy oil. We can design, recommend, and provide the correct pump for your application.

Progressing cavity pumps (PCPs)

PCPs are particularly well-suited for high-viscosity fluids and high-water-cut wells, usually where sand and other abrasive solids are typically hard to handle in reciprocating downhole pumps. The Schlumberger team now includes KUDU, leading experts in the design and provision of PCPs. Artificial lift experts design the correct PCP system for your well conditions and application using our PCP rod selections.

Variable speed drives (VSDs)

VSDs maintain the optimal production while mitigating the risk of operational damage to mechanical equipment. We examine the entire system to provide the best VSD or variable frequency drive (VFD) for your well conditions, taking into consideration variations over time.

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A Comprehensive Approach

Total rod lift system solutions
Our total system solutions provide the best design for longer well life and encompass pumping units, prime movers, sucker rods, and more.