Care & Handling Training

Improve rod life and reduce well interventions

Sucker rods are an integral component of the rod lift system and need to be handled, transported, stored, installed, and made up correctly. A large percentage of premature rod failures can be attributed to improper care and handling of the product.

Expert training can help you extend rod life and reduce well interventions due to premature rod failures. Designed for field supervisors and well service contractors, this training is available at your wellsite, offices, or well service contractor’s offices. The course covers

  • correct procedures for
    • safe transporting, loading, unloading, and storing of sucker rods
    • safe wellsite sucker rod handling and installation preparation
    • proper makeup and displacement of sucker rods, polished rods, sinker bars, and shear tools
    • spacing out your rod string after installation
  • understanding the difference between a sucker rod coupling and a polished rod coupling, and the correct application for each
  • inspecting contractor well servicing tools to be used during the installation and the well service rig’s position over the well.

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Training Course: Sucker Rod Pumps - Application Engineering

Sucker Rod Pumps - Application Engineering training course
Develop the skills to design, optimize, and diagnose wells producing with this artificial lift method. This course is offered by NExT, providing technical training and professional development services for the E&P industry. Visit NExT website