Failure Analysis Reporting & Training

Comprehensive reports and industry-leading training

Root cause failure analysis reports provide information critical to resolving repeat failures in problem wells and include recommendations for immediate changes or future changes during the next well intervention. Additionally, the reports augment failure analysis meetings and can be useful for reference.

Failure analysis reporting

Our process for analyzing and reporting failures is as follows:

  • Requests are logged in and assigned a failure cause analysis (FCA) number.
  • Acid solution tests are performed on the failures to identify possible corrosion or scale deposits.
  • Parts are cleaned in a special solution using a heated ultrasonic cleaner.
  • The failure mode is identified (fatigue or tensile).
  • Rod loadings are reviewed with predictive software programs.
  • Root cause failure is determined.
  • Corrective action is recommended.
  • The report is sent to the sales department to present to you.

Should the failure analysis be questioned or a root cause cannot be determined by our in-house laboratory, we will contract with a third-party metallurgy laboratory for confirmation or help.

Root cause failure analysis training

Using an extensive library of photos and failure documentation, this training program can help engineering and production personnel identify failures in the field and take immediate corrective actions.

Designed for your production, engineering, and field personnel responsible for identifying failures at the wellsite during an intervention, this training is best delivered in a classroom setting. The course covers

  • different failure modes (tensile versus fatigue)
  • identification of the different causes of fatigue failures
  • identification of the different types of corrosion failures
  • corrective actions for each type of failure
  • use of predictive design software to prevent failures.

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