Sucker Rod Lift Services

Full service for rod lift systems

We apply our decades of experience installing, maintaining, inspecting, and repairing artificial lift pumping units and related equipment to help you maintain production. Reliable, well-trained technicians are supported by a fleet of specialized rig-up trucks, cranes, bucket trucks, and haul trucks.

Unit installation and relocation

The new group of companies now works as a team to install new units or relocate existing units safely and efficiently to any location in North America. Full-service unit installations are available for all makes and models.

Pumping unit preventive maintenance

Protect your investment in pumping unit equipment through inspection services that can maximize run time and equipment life-span, while minimizing annual repair costs. We help establish preventive maintenance priority based on the asset priority, unit condition, and historical data. Inspection processes can be tailored to your unique requirements and objectives, and repair recommendations are filtered to give you sensible and justifiable options that suit your maintenance budget.

Pumping unit repairs

Service is provided on all makes and models of new and legacy pumping units. An extensive inventory of parts enables quick and economical repairs—the result of having the proper equipment, including compact sheave trucks with cranes and significant lift capacity and multifunction sheave or bucket trucks, on location when you need it.

Repair services include

  • complete bearing repair services for damaged component housings
  • complete gearbox repair and rebuilding services on all makes and models
  • repair of structural pumping unit components, including head and beam straightening and new component construction
  • air cylinder repair with exchange inventory available
  • unit adjustments to include stroke changes, balances, alignments, and strokes-per-minute adjustments.

Additional services

Our field service technicians also provide the following services:

  • safety meetings, including the task, job safety analysis (JSA), procedures, and potential hazards while installing the rod string
  •  inspection of well service rig alignment 
  • inspection of well service tools 
  • review of well and rod string design 
  • count of rods and couplings to be installed 
  • removal, cleaning, and lubrication of pin protectors 
  • attachment of couplings 
  • monitoring proper makeup displacement throughout installation 
  • guidance for spacing out the string to make sure the pump is not tagging on the upstroke or downstroke.

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Field Servicing and Repairs

Rod lift field servicing and repairs
Fully tooled service trucks enable swift maintenance and repair at the wellsite, complementing services provided by our machine, welding, and repair shops.

Machine Shop Capabilities

Sucker rod pump machine shop capabilities
Our machine shops in Canada and the US (Texas and California) can manufacture aftermarket parts that are not otherwise available, to keep your units running.

Maintenance Optimizer Program

  • Preinspection meeting
  • Asset data gathering
  • Equipment inspection
  • Data analysis
  • Postanalysis inspection
  • Repair list creation
  • Postinspection meeting
  • Customer training