Sucker Rods & Accessories

A full range of downhole equipment

Improve production reliability downhole with a better selection of sucker rods, polished rods, and downhole accessories. Available from our strategically located stocking facilities, our new and reconditioned sucker rods are designed for a range of loads and downhole well conditions, with different metallurgies and physical capabilities to handle even the most corrosive environments and deepest wells. These high-quality rods eliminate common connection issues, thereby reducing the need for multiple well interventions and loss of production.

Keep rodstrings sealed

Ensure efficient hydraulic seals with our array of polished rods. Standard piston steel and hard-surface spray metal polished rods are available in lengths up to 40 ft. Manufactured to stringent API specifications, these polished rods give you the confidence of well integrity once a well is closed in.

Reduce negative loadings and centralize the rodstring and tubing

Sinker bars reduce the negative loadings created by the buckling of the rodstring during the pumping cycle, while keeping the rodstring in tension. All sinker bars are equipped with a stronger pin, necessary to keep the connections together during the tough cyclic loads downhole. Stabilizer bars and tubing centralizers centralize certain portions of the rodstring or tubing and keep the rod couplings off the tubing, thereby reducing tubing wear in the most susceptible areas.

Maximize well and reservoir performance with the optimal production tubing design

The rod lift team can design and provide for velocity string and hang-off applications. With sizes ranging from 1-in to 4-in and various wall thicknesses, our coiled tubing products can help you meet a range of production requirements.

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High-Quality Rods Minimize Well Interventions and Maximize Production

Sucker rods
New and reconditioned sucker rods are available for a range of loads and downhole well conditions.