Curved Beam Pumping Unit

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Innovative energy-efficient pump jack technology

The curved beam pumping unit uses two counterweights instead of one: the conventional crank weight and an adjustable beam weight positioned at the end of an engineered curved walking beam. This innovation increases energy efficiency in a number of applications. 

At the beginning of the upstroke, when the horsehead is down, the motor and the counterweights have to do the most work to bring the rod and fluid up. The curved walking beam places the beam weight at the furthest distance from the samson post to provide maximum leverage, helping the crank weight and motor in bringing the horsehead back up. The result is lower pump energy consumption, as well as reductions in the net torque curve.

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Lower Energy Consumption

Rod Lift - HG curved-beam pumping unit
The curved beam pumping unit increases energy efficiency in a number of applications by using two counter-weights instead of one. Download product sheet (0.23 MB PDF)