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Select the optimal downhole pump and accessory for your application

We can design, recommend, manufacture, and assemble all sizes and varieties of downhole pumps, which are integral to the entire rod lift system. Besides the many styles of API downhole pumps, there are also specialty pumps for severe applications such as sand, gas interference, and high-viscosity oil.

With repair shops strategically located in the most active areas, we can service your downhole pump repair needs with experienced technicians able to provide root cause pump failure analysis and recommend the proper pump solutions for any well conditions.

Modified mud anchors and packer-style gas separators are used at the bottom of the tubing string, below the seating nipple, to help prevent gas breakout from entering the wellbore and migrating through the downhole pump. A proper gas separator greatly reduces the gas interference and solids damage that can cause insufficient pump intake and gas pound and contribute to rod string fatigue and pumping unit gearbox damage. With a variety of specialty products and downhole pumps, we have the equipment suited to your application.

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Effective Sand Handling and Efficient Fluid Production

Don-Nan Sand Diverter
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Improve Pump Efficiency, Equipment Life, Run Time

Don-Nan Sucker Rod Pump Manufacturing and Service
With an established global footprint and a dedicated staff of experts, Don-Nan, a Schlumberger company, maximizes rod pumping efficiency though a systems integrated approach and utilizes the most technologically advanced manufacturing processes available. Download brochure (3.4 MB PDF)