Hydraulic Pumping Units

Innovative pumping units for shale wells and heavy oil

Schlumberger hydraulic pumping units are offered for a wide range of well applications. With a small footprint, quick installation, and the ability to easily adjust stroke speed and length—either onsite or remotely—using industry-leading automation, the hydraulic pumping system provides the perfect solution over the life of your sucker rod pump wells. 

Hydraulic pumping units are available with electric- and gas-powered options, cylinder lengths up to 336 in [8.53 m], and a peak polished rod load capability up to 50,000 lbm [25 tonUS]. The system thus has the flexibility to suit various well conditions. Each hydraulic power unit and cylinder is fully assembled and tested prior to shipping. Testing documentation and an operator’s manual are included with every system. 

KUDU HSU hydraulic pumping unit 

The KUDU HSU unit is the next-generation hydraulically powered rod reciprocating cylinder and uses long strokes to maximize production efficiency and minimize downtime and workovers. Its preventative zero-produced-fluid-leakage design and unmatched long strokes are ideal for many applications, including gassy, deep horizontal wells; thermal wells; and shale plays.

CAMLift hydraulic pumping unit

An innovative pneumatic counterbalance rod pumping system, the patented CAMLift unit employs a primary and secondary hydraulic arrangement to tackle the toughest applications.

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Hydraulic Pumping Units

KUDU HSU Hydraulic Stroking Unit
The KUDU HSU uses long strokes of up to 336 in to reduce cyclic stress, improve gas compression ratio, maximize production efficiency, and minimize downtime and workovers.

CAMLift Hydraulic Pumping Unit

CamLIFT Hydraulic Pumping Unit
Requiring only 10% the footprint of most beam units at the wellhead, the CAMLift hydraulic pumping unit is a lightweight, compact alternative to traditional beam pumping units.