Asset Management

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Total product life cycle management

Use of a total product life cycle management system addresses maintenance or repair and refurbishment needs, improving revenues and decreasing costs throughout an asset’s life cycle. It provides total asset visibility, quality assurance, and performance, demonstrating the benefits that integrated support delivers to system uptime.

Equipped with modern architecture and advanced capabilities, the Cameron asset management system is designed specifically for equipment and performance monitoring through web-based deployment, automated workflow, and embedded reporting tools.

Asset Management

Electronic well files

  • Centralized storage for photos and engineering and maintenance documents
  • Documents linked to assets and asset groupings, such as well files

Asset management

  • Ability to assign assets to a platform, well, or other custom groupings
  • Mapping function to give location of asset
  • Maintenance plan applied to each asset
  • Ability to find a specific part and its location

Maintenance planning

  • Ability to apply maintenance plans to an asset
  • Automated notification to remind user that maintenance is needed
  • Report to identify assets needing maintenance

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