Digital Wellsite Prognostic Health Monitoring

Asset digitization can significantly reduce operational costs and boost production

Asset digitization can help address issues such as aging assets, declining production, water production, and the need to contain operational costs. It can reduce manpower requirements on dangerous sites and remote areas and counter the lack of experienced personnel.

Performance Optimization Solution

Digital Wellsite prognostic health monitoring uses condition-based surveillance, active response mechanisms, automation, and predictive analytics to enhance asset performance.
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The overriding benefit of these intelligent technologies is that they can enable the operator to identify risky operating conditions, identify changes in equipment performance, provide specific information to subject matter experts and appropriate parties, and remotely monitor assets in real time to determine maintenance requirements. At the organizational level, an intelligent digitized field can help maximize production system throughput, recover from and reduce unplanned events, and remove personnel from hazardous operations.

Digital Wellsite Prognostic Health Monitoring

Cameron has built an entire performance optimization solution around condition-based surveillance and active response mechanisms called Digital Wellsite. We have alert capability through wireless transmitters and communication with flow computers. Automation capability such as the safety shutdown valve (SSV) control system also exists within the Digital Wellsite offering to control critical equipment should an unplanned event occur. Cameron goes a step further with predictive analytics, such as our proprietary choke erosion monitoring software. The Digital Wellsite solution comprises

  • integrated sensor systems that monitor wellhead pressure, temperature, and flow inputs
  • proprietary software for choke erosion monitoring
  • flow computers and flowmeters
  • wireless transmitters
  • data analysis and reporting software
  • SCADA host software.

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