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A well database and schematic, together with a maintenance schedule or mitigation plan

The well survey is critical to operators to ensure that equipment installed in their field (or newly acquired leases) meets safety standards and their environmental policies, regulatory requirements, or both. This crucial step should occur prior to forming the well maintenance plan. From this survey, operators can

  • ensure that equipment meets the performance criteria
  • mitigate exposure to potential release of hydrocarbons into the environment
  • identify efficiencies and inefficiencies
  • decrease HSE exposure
  • align compliance initiatives.

Well survey

Cameron service technicians are deployed to your fields to accurately catalog the specification and the wellhead and production equipment installed and to assess its condition, so that proper inventory is maintained and can be traced at all times. The well survey for your field includes but is not limited to

  • part numbers and serial numbers, size, pressure rating, trim (material)
  • general condition of well
  • configuration of wellhead and Christmas tree
  • field, area, or well location (map)
  • manufacturer
  • annulus pressure
  • seal isolation tests
  • photograph of equipment.

On completion of the survey, Cameron will provide you with a well database of the information captured, together with an “as built” well schematic. Based on the results of the survey, Cameron will provide a maintenance schedule or mitigation plan to bring the field up to your specifications.

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