Certification of Wellhead and Christmas Tree Integrity Under Shut-In Conditions

Test of both casing and tubing hanger seals

After the field inspection and general conditioning of the wellhead and Christmas tree, a field inspection survey and general conditioning report is completed and all records are retained by the Cameron facility servicing your area. 

Certification of Wellhead and Christmas Tree Integrity Under Shut-In Conditions

When wells are in flowing condition, only casing hanger seals can be tested. Integrity testing of tubing hanger seals is applicable only when wells are shut in. Understanding what, when, and how the integrity tests should be performed is critical. The OEM’s ability to identify the type of well completion and understand the equipment design aids in this decision-making process. This also ensures use of the proper test and adequate consideration of other relevant factors.

Our service technicians are equipped with the appropriate toolkit and thoroughly trained in the procedure for integrity testing of casing and tubing hanger seals. They are required to follow step-by-step operating procedures to ensure efficient and precise execution of the project with minimum risk.

Comprehensive procedures

Certification of wellhead and Christmas tree integrity is issued on completion of the necessary tests after the well is secured and shut in. The certification process includes the following:

  • General inspection of wellhead and equipment for corrosion, mechanical damage, or damaged coating
  • Full greasing (and sealant injection as required) of all Christmas trees and annulus valves
  • Pressure integrity checks on all voids, including
    • tubing hanger void
    • control line void
    • casing hanger void
    • secondary seal
  • Reenergizing and retesting of wellhead seals as required
  • Rectification of mechanical and pressure integrity issues (with sufficient barriers in place), including
    • thread repairs and replacement of components (e.g., grease fittings, injection fittings, and packing port threads)
    • replacement of handwheels, bearings, and bonnet seals.

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