Corrosion Evaluation and Monitoring

Reduce cost throughout the life of your well with corrosion control

It’s been estimated that 1% of the total operating costs of the petroleum industry could be saved by the correct application of existing corrosion protection technology. Corrosion evaluation and control are particularly cost effective for deep or remote wells, wells expected to have a long lifetime, and wells producing CO2 or H2S.

Corrosion monitoring

Because downhole corrosion problems are many and varied, we provide a variety of measurements—acoustic, electrical, and mechanical—to identify and quantify corrosion, determine the cause, and monitor, including evaluating the effectiveness of anticorrosion measures.

EM Pipe Scanner

Noninvasively quantitatively scan the interior surface and determine the thickness of production casing in liquid or gas environments and at up to 90° deviation.

UCI Ultrasonic Casing Imager

Multifinger Imaging Tool

CPET Corrosion Protection Evaluation Tool


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Keep a Closer Eye on Your Casing

EM Pipe Scanner
Quantitatively evaluate casing damage and corrosion without having to pull completion tubing by using the
EM Pipe Scanner electromagnetic casing inspection tool.

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