CPET Corrosion Protection Evaluation Tool

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Evaluate how effective your cathodic protection is

The CPET corrosion protection evaluation tool provides critical information for cost-effective cathodic protection programs. By measuring and analyzing the casing potential, the CPET tool delivers a log that describes how well the cathodic protection is performing and advises whether new wells need cathodic protection.

Good casing contact in any wellbore fluid

Accurate measurement of the casing potential requires good contact between the tool and the casing. To meet this requirement, the CPET tool has four sets of electrodes and performs in any wellbore fluid. This reliable, advanced design eliminates the expense of acid washing the casing and displacing the wellbore fluid with oil—steps that are usually necessary before other evaluation tools can be run, along with the rig downtime involved with these preparations. The CPET tool also saves rig time during the survey itself, with its fast thermal stabilization and hydraulic operation.

The real-time results are used to confirm the effectiveness of the cathodic protection program and identify remedial adjustments while the tool is in the wellbore.

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No Prelogging Acid Wash or Fluid Displacement Required

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