Multifinger Imaging Tool

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Accurate radial measurement of tubing and casing ID

The PS Platform Multifinger Imaging Tool  (PMIT) is a multifinger caliper tool that makes highly accurate radial measurements of the inside diameter of tubing and casing strings. The PMIT caliper is available in three sizes to span a wide range of through-tubing and casing size applications. All versions of the PMIT can be run in either real-time or memory mode.

Minimized eccentricity effects

The PMIT deploys an array of hard-surfaced fingers to accurately monitor the inner pipe wall. Eccentricity effects are minimized by the equal azimuthal spacing of the fingers and a special processing algorithm. The PMIT-B and PMIT-C tools incorporate powerful motorized centralizers to ensure effective centering force even in highly deviated intervals. The centralizers are equipped with rollers to prevent damage. An inclinometer in the tool provides information on well deviation and tool rotation.

Extended fingers for large casing

For logging large-diameter casing, the PMIT-C tool can be fitted with special extended fingers. The PMIT-A is similarly fitted with special extended fingers for logging casing through tubing.

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