DryAccess Deepwater Production Systems

Integrated access to subsea wells from surface minimizes need for third-party interface management and engineering time

In spar and tension-leg platform (TLP) applications, especially in deep water, thousands of hours of interface engineering and management and millions in cost can be eliminated. Cameron DryAccess deepwater production systems integrate best-in-class technologies from one source and apply them to obtain direct vertical access to subsea wells from surface. Hydrocarbon recovery is increased and interface management is reduced through complete, seamless integration of three critical vertical access interface components:

  • fatigue-resistant subsea wellhead systems from OneSubsea with unique parallel-bore sealing technology and the ability to install and test hangers and seal assemblies in open water
  • high-capacity and operationally versatile tieback connectors
  • compact and high-availability surface wellheads and trees.

DryAccess Deepwater Production Systems 

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Onshore and offshore production equipment that balance reliability, safety, and effectiveness.

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During the early execution phase of a project, use of the DryAccess system can save many thousands of man-hours in third-party engineering and interface management, translating into direct cost savings for you. It also minimizes delays in the top-tensioned riser (TTR) systems engineering phase of the project, which can take up to six months.

Early engagement minimizes project execution risk and maximizes production

Early and effective collaboration with you from concept selection through project execution helps to ensure that ideally configured field development solutions are seamlessly integrated and delivered on time and within budget. Early engineering engagement helps to lower capex, opex, and cycle time by reducing the risk of delays. This efficient project management minimizes the need for equipment redesign and interface management and maximizes production throughout the life of the field.

Subsea Wellhead Systems

Reliability resulting from the parallel-bore metal-to-metal sealing technology used in OneSubsea subsea wellhead systems reduces installation costs and risk. Visit the Cameron website to learn more.

Tieback Connector

Tieback connectors provide a robust and reliable connection between the subsea well and the TTR systems, maintaining pressure integrity while transferring the dynamic loads from the riser through the subsea wellheads to the seafloor.

Surface Wellhead & Tree Systems

Cameron surface wellhead and tree systems for spar and tension-leg platform (TLP) applications provide proven functionality and reliability in a compact envelope at the topsides.

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