EXKAL Service: Engineered Chemical Solutions

A portfolio of safe and field-proven scale dissolvers

When scale—mineral or elemental—has accumulated downhole, on the topsides, or on export terminals, the EXKAL descaling, decontamination, and decommissioning service is the answer. Mineral scale deposition can plug the most permeable reservoir, forcing operators into a relentless and costly struggle to maintain a clear pathway to maximize production.

Together with advanced and site-specific analytical methodologies, Schlumberger provides an extensive suite of new-generation, noncorrosive, environmentally compatible scale dissolvers. As an added bonus, scale dissolvers used by the EXKAL service remove the largest amounts of scale per liter, reducing overall treatment costs.

BASOL 2000 HP scale dissolver

This powerful yet nonhazardous and noncorrosive scale dissolver and sequestrant provides the optimal pH for sulfate scale dissolution.

With capacities of up to 80g/L, the converting and catalyzing agents integral to BASOL 2000 HP scale dissolver ensure rapid dissolution rates compared with other industry products.

CAL-ACID scale dissolver

The uniquely formulated CAL-ACID scale dissolver and sequestrant provides a viable, fast-acting, noncorrosive alternative to conventional mineral acid treatments for carbonate scales.

It has the same calcium carbonate scale dissolution capacity (260 g/L) as hydrochloric acid (HCl). However, it possesses an inherent sequestering capacity that prevents the reprecipitation of undesired substances, such as iron (liberated through scale dissolution), that could potentially damage the formation.

FERROSOL rust dissolver

FERROSOL rust dissolver displays low corrosivity toward steel, a major advantage over mineral acid treatments. This blend of organic acids provides the optimal pH (4–5) for iron sequestration and dissolution of the corrosion products.

GYPSOL scale dissolver

GYPSOL scale dissolver and sequestrant provides the optimal pH (7–8) to dissolve calcium sulfate scale, while retaining the ability to dissolve coprecipitated barium and strontium sulfate scales.

PYRISOL iron sulfide scale dissolver

PYRISOL scale dissolver is a unique alkaline dissolver designed to remove iron sulfide, iron oxide, and sulfur in a safe and controlled manner without the liberation of H2S.

ZIRCOSOL lead dissolver

ZIRCOSOL lead dissolver employs unique scale dissolver chemistry to efficiently and safely remove radioactive metal deposits from oilfield equipment contaminated by naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM).

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