CURE Technologies

Restore full production

Our production technology specialists deliver targeted, integrated strategies to decisively remedy production issues, such as deposit formation and naturally occurring gases, safely restoring and improving flow performance and revenue.

The team’s global footprint, the CURE chemical removal portfolio, the all-inclusive EXKAL service, process solutions, and software ensure customers reliably, safely and efficiently maximize production, regardless of system complexities or geography.

Asphaltene Dissolvers

Maximize production by removing asphaltene deposits.


Maintain optimal asset operation.

Hydrogen Sulfide Liquid Scavengers

Decrease production risk, improve returns.

Adsorbents for Hydrogen Sulfide & Mercury Removal

Purification solutions remove H2S, Hg, and odors through fixed-bed technology.

Naphthenate Dissolvers

Reduce complex soap formation.

Oxygen Scavengers

Remove oxygen, reduce corrosion.

Paraffin Dissolvers

Eliminate paraffin deposits.

EXKAL Descaling, Decontamination & Decommissioning Service

Use all-inclusive software, chemical, and mechanical services for descaling, NORM decontamination, and decommissioning.

CURE Pipeline Services

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Maximize Production from Reservoir to Refinery

Production Technologies
Schlumberger’s wide range of trusted flow performance technologies, equipment, and services are proven to improve and assure production and asset operations.
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