CURE Cleaners

Maintain optimal asset operation

Schlumberger offers an extensive range of cleaning compounds to ensure asset operational excellence. Cleaning techniques that can be employed are filling and soaking, circulation, cascading, online, use of foam, and use of vapor phase.

Solvent-base compounds

Solvent-base products should be used when the dirt is mainly organic and particularly when temperature cannot be increased. 

The range includes aromatics, white-spirit-base compounds, low-aromatic naphthas, and kerosene- and diesel-base products. Cleaning compounds can also be designed to produce either a stable or self-separating (quick break) emulsion on flushing with water.

Aqueous cleaning compounds

Aqueous cleaning compounds are easier to handle and in many cases provide a more cost-effective treatment than solvent-base products. They can also be made more environmentally acceptable but are not necessarily as efficient. 

Aqueous products can be used in almost all cases and especially for solid-particle dirt, but they are not particularly suitable for removal of hard, mechanically-resistant organic dirt when the temperature cannot be raised to soften it. Small amounts of organic solvents can be included in aqueous products to increase solvent properties.

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