DeScal Descaling, Decontamination, and Decommissioning Service

All-inclusive software, chemical, and mechanical services for descaling, NORM decontamination, decommissioning

Scale deposition restricts production and increases the costs and risks associated with decommissioning and naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) decontamination. The all-inclusive DeScal service provides you with a project-specific, single-source solution for even the most challenging scale issues.

Mineral scale deposition can seal even the most permeable reservoir, forcing operators to find or create alternative pathways to maximize production. Regardless of scale type and location, deposition must be dealt with quickly, effectively, and safely. 

Complementary technologies for maximum effectiveness

Supplied as concentrated blends, scale dissolvers used by the DeScal service reduce chemical volumes to help manage overall treatment costs. The comprehensive package can be delivered on site and uses the latest mechanical technologies, including ultrahigh-pressure water jetting and proprietary plasma-cutting, to complement the chemical components. 

Post-treatment analysis is provided via a proprietary diagnostic software package.

Engineered Chemical Solutions


NORM Decontamination

Effective execution of a wide range of decontamination operations for NORM.


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