Adsorbents for Hydrogen Sulfide & Mercury Removal

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Purification solutions for H2S, Hg, and odor removal using fixed-bed technology

Schlumberger purification products are used in fixed-bed processes that are easy to operate and require minimal operator attention. Our experts work with you to select the optimal product and system configuration. 

While upstream natural gas processing is the primary application, the range of adsorbents works effectively in most gaseous streams. Diverse applications include early production systems; floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) facilities; gas processing plants; offshore platforms; petrochemical plants; refineries; odor control; vent gas treatment; wastewater treatment; gas storage; biogas; food-grade CO2; and landfill gas

Extensive supporting services

Customized support ranges from basic media provision through to a fully engineered technical solution comprising basic system design, media supply, detailed engineering, fabrication package, equipment supply, and spent media handling.  

Hydrogen Sulfide Removal from Gas

SULFATREAT FAMILY and SELECT FAMILY adsorbents based on iron oxide or engineered mixed metal oxides are available for dry and water-saturated gas.

Hydrogen Sulfide Removal from Liquids

Iron oxide– and mixed metal oxide–based adsorbents are used to remove hydrogen sulfide from liquid hydrocarbons.

Mercury Removal from Gas

SELECT Hg-100 and SELECT Hg-110 mercury adsorbents use metal sulfides chemistry to remove mercury from gaseous streams containing sufficient H2S for in situ sulfiding and no H2S, respectively.

Total Odor Control

SULFATREAT AC-100 universal odor absorbent is a granular activated carbon specially manufactured to remove odoriferous byproducts, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other trace contaminants from gas.

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