PERFORM Technologies

Achieve full field potential

The PERFORM suite of flow performance chemical technologies, together with complementary software, such as the Avocet Chemical Management module in the Avocet production operations software platform, extend field life and enhance operating efficiency and cost-effectiveness in an exceptionally competitive global industry.


Efficiently counteract foam formation.


Break emulsions, improve flow performance.


Deliquefy and rejuvenate ageing gas wells safely and effectively.

Flow Improvers

Reduce oil viscosity, improve production performance.

Tracer Dyes

Understand flow to optimize your applications.

Water Clarifiers

Clean produced water safely and efficiently.

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Proven to Improve and Assure Production

Production Technologies
Schlumberger’s wide range of trusted flow performance technologies, equipment, and services are proven to improve and assure production and asset operations as well as extend field life.
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