PERFORM Defoamers

Efficiently counteract foam formation

We provide a wide range of effective defoamers for all oilfield applications. 

During oil and gas production, depressurization of hydrocarbons can ultimately lead to the formation of a stable foam, which can negatively impact the production process as a result of liquid carryover. A chemical defoamer is required to counteract foam formation while promoting degassing of fluids.

Defoamers offer high cost-efficiency, working at injection rates of just a few parts per million. Silicones are the most commonly applied defoamers in crude oil and water injection systems. Nonsilicone products are available for amine gas treatment units, glycol units for dehydration, and water injection systems.

We also supply mechanical augers designed to remove up to 80% of the free gas from the wellstream prior to the separator, thus preventing foam formation.

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